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Connect your whole property

mOOvement uses LoRa networks to get the data from the GPS Ear Tags. With LoRa (long range) you can transfer data over long distances, especially in a remote areas (8 kilometres line of sight). All you need is an antenna in a location where it has 3G/4G (ideally a hill) or internet from the homestead.

If you have a big property you can easily set up multiple antennas to cover your cattle no matter where they roam.

LoRa network

Connectivity in remote places

Cover any type of terrain with our tailored solutions

Homestead antenna

This is perfect for small properties who only need to cover up to 8 kilometres radius around the antenna from the homestead.

Field antenna

LoRa antennas can also be installed off-grid in the field. This is preferred when your homestead is not in an ideal location for radio coverage.

Moveable antenna

The moveable antenna is perfect if you want to move the antenna with your herd.

Your own network

The network allows connectivity in remote places. Only the antenna needs connection to the internet either through a homestead router, 3G/4G sim card or satellite internet. You won’t need coverage from a telco out in the paddock for mOOvement to work.

  • No running costs, 3G/4G plans not needed
  • 8 kilometres range
  • GPS ear tags use the network and don't need 3G/4G
  • Can also be used for water monitoring and other IoT applications

Radio mapping

Are you wondering how good the LoRa coverage would be for your property? We can do a radio mapping analysis on your property to see how the coverage will look like. Ask for more information.

Common questions


Are there costs involved for operating the network?


No. Costs for the operational network (e.g. data and monitoring) are covered by mOOvement.


What is the reach of an antenna in kilometres?


The antenna has a reach of 8 kilometres, line of sight. Thick forestry and hilly landscapes have a negative impact on the signal.


Can I use the network for other applications?


Yes. The LoRa network can also be used for water monitoring, fence monitoring, etc.

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Murray Davis

Biloela, Queensland

“I have been able to view cattle to make management decisions and have been able to identify an injured animal and get a vet out and save her and her calf.”

Lindi Pott

Kingaroy, Queensland

"We have a much more secure and relaxed feeling with the stock in many ways, not just knowing where they are!"

Scott McClymont

Richmond, Queensland

"In our country, it’s difficult to get a clean muster. We are also next to a national park and lose cattle through the fences. If we get an alert we can go to the animals."

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