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  • Protect cattle from theft and monitor your cattle, bulls, heifers, or calves with mOOvement GPS ear tag. The GPS Ear tags for cattle are solar-powered and have a GPS sensor, Accelerometer, and Bluetooth sensor inbuilt.
  • The GPS ear tags are last up to 5 years, they are reusable, robust, and weigh about 30 grams. The tags are easy to tag and use a standard male prong and applicator.
  • mOOvement GPS ear tags for cattle work on mOOvement’s LoRaWAN Network (Long range).
  • Location tracking - Get location update every 1 hour.
  • Receive animal out of paddock and out of farm alerts.
  • Receive animal not moving alerts.
  • View grazing patterns on mOOvement desktop App.
  • Cattle counting remotely and inventory management.
  • Pair with mOOvement Bluetooth Scanner to get all features of Bluetooth ear tag.
  • Monitor bull interactions - find out if your bull is lazy or mixing with the herd.
  • View and manage the entire farm remotely from the mOOvement App.
  • Tags weigh 30g with solar-powered batteries
  • Single prong design and uses a standard zee tag male prong and applicator. 
  • Reusable and lasts up to 5 years. 
  • The ear tags consist of Bluetooth, accelerometer, and GPS functionality.
  • The ear tags transmit cattle information every 1 hour and work on mOOvement’s LoRaWAN Network.
Hear from our customers
Murray Davis

Biloela, Queensland

“I have been able to view cattle to make management decisions and have been able to identify an injured animal and get a vet out and save her and her calf.”

Greg Adams

Buffalo, Oklahoma

“I was coming up 8 to 10 head short every year, and at $1,200 to $1,400per head each, you’re out $10,000 a year. The investment in mOOvement pays for itself and will also help me increase the number of cattle I can handle by 50%”

Lindi Pott mOOvement customer
Lindi Pott

Kingaroy, Queensland

"We have a much more secure and relaxed feeling with the stock in many ways, not just knowing where they are!"

Sean O'Brien

Cowell, South Australia

"Before mOOvement I used to travel at least three times per week to check on my sheep. Now I have more time to focus on other areas of my growing business and save $580/week"

GPS ear tags

Cattle tracking

mOOvement field antenna

Works in the outback

No need for cellular coverage from a telco to work as you will have your own network.

cattle tagged with GPS ear tag

Long battery life

The GPS ear tags are powered using a battery and integrated solar panels.

cattle tagging image

Easy to apply

The GPS ear tags use industry standard applicators and female parts which make them easy to apply.

What the GPS ear tag does

The GPS Ear Tag sends your cattle's location to provide you with actionable insights and alerts.

These insights help you to run a better and more efficient beef enterprise.

  • GPS location of cattle
  • Cattle not moving alert
  • Cattle out of paddock or out of farm alert
  • Updates every 1 hour
  • Tags are solar powered and reusable

Take your farm with you and check on your operation anywhere, anytime.

Track cattle location

GPS Ear tags for cattle allows you to track the location of all your cattle. Receive cattle location data every 1 hour and track movement with last 5 locations history.

cattle farm map view screenshot

Get alerts when cattle are out of farm boundary or stopped moving.

Receive alerts

Get animal out of paddock or out of farm alerts. The new version of GPS ear tag uses the accelerometer to detect if an animal has stopped moving and sends an animal not moving alert.

Cattle out of farm alerts

Use Bluetooth functionality to keep a count & monitor your cattle.

Cattle check-in

The same Bluetooth functionality of Bluetooth ear tags is also present in GPS ear tags. The GPS ear tags allow you to make sure all your cattle are checking in at water points or feed everyday. Keep a count of your cattle and get peace of mind knowing they are getting water and feed everyday.

Bluetooth functionality of GPS ear tag

Make better infrastructure decisions and improve your yields.

Cattle grazing pattern

On mOOvement desktop App, plot cattle grazing patterns for better paddock utilisation and improve your yield by moving cattle between paddocks at the right time.

Cattle grazing patterns
GPS ear tag product image

GPS ear tag


Industry standard single prong design


Break resistant polycarbonate casing


Solar powered, built-in battery


Weighs under 30 grams


Accelerometer, Bluetooth and GPS


We don't want producers to change the way they are doing things. The GPS ear tags use industry standard applicators and female prongs. The only difference with our tags is that they go at the back of the ear to point the integrated solar panels towards the sun to get charged.

Common questions


How strong are the GPS ear tags?


The GPS ear tags have a robust design and have been tested under extreme conditions.


What's the price per tag?


Pricing information can be found on this page. Contact us for a custom quotation for complete cattle tracking package.


Do the GPS ear tags use 3G/4G?


No, the GPS ear tags send their data using LoRa. Only the antenna needs connection to the internet and this can also be the homestead's.