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  • Compact solar powered Bluetooth Scanner that collects Bluetooth ear tag data.
  • The scanner sends cattle information via mOOvement’s LoRaWAN network. 
  • The scanner reports every minute when cattle are within a 50-meter radius
  • The scanners are usually installed near water points or feed.
  • Upon tagging with Bluetooth Ear tags and installing the scanners, cattle producers can keep a count and check on cattle every day, maintain individual cattle data, get cattle reports and receive alerts from the mOOvement App.
  • By installing a mOOvement Bluetooth Scanner on important locations on the farm, cattle producers can monitor cattle's access to resources like feed and water
  • Purchased along with Bluetooth ear tags for cattle.
  • Lightweight and solar powered.
  • Reports Bluetooth ear tag information every 10 minutes to mOOvement LoRaWAN Gateway (antenna).
  • Identifies a mOOvement Bluetooth ear tag that is in 50 meters radius of the scanner
  • Works on mOOvement LoRaWAN Network.
Hear from our customers
Murray Davis

Biloela, Queensland

“I have been able to view cattle to make management decisions and have been able to identify an injured animal and get a vet out and save her and her calf.”

Greg Adams

Buffalo, Oklahoma

“I was coming up 8 to 10 head short every year, and at $1,200 to $1,400per head each, you’re out $10,000 a year. The investment in mOOvement pays for itself and will also help me increase the number of cattle I can handle by 50%”

Lindi Pott mOOvement customer
Lindi Pott

Kingaroy, Queensland

"We have a much more secure and relaxed feeling with the stock in many ways, not just knowing where they are!"

Sean O'Brien

Cowell, South Australia

"Before mOOvement I used to travel at least three times per week to check on my sheep. Now I have more time to focus on other areas of my growing business and save $580/week"

Common questions


How strong are the Bluetooth ear tags?


The Bluetooth ear tags have a robust design and have been tested under extreme conditions.


What's the price of 1 Bluetooth Scanner?


Pricing information can be found on this page. Contact us for a custom quotation for complete cattle tracking package.


How many mOOvement antennas do I need?


Based on your property size and location we perform a free analysis and suggest how many antennas and where they can be placed for maximum coverage.


Do the Bluetooth ear tags use 3G/4G?


No, the Bluetooth ear tags send their data to a mOOvement receiver scanner. The receiver scanner communicates using LoRa to a mOOvement antenna. Only the antenna needs connection to the internet and this can also be the homestead.