Water monitoring

Save hours on water runs

mOOvement also offers water monitoring all built in the app. Water monitoring devices help you saving hours on water runs. We offer pressure and ultrasonic sensors to monitor everything from troughs to dams. The sensors run on the same LoRa network as our GPS ear tags so no need for expensive 3G/4G plans. Get notified in the mOOvement app when the water level is running low.

Keep an eye on your water points without high ongoing costs!

Monitor everything from troughs to dams

Ultrasonic Sensor

For tanks and troughs

  • Install 30 centimetres above water surface
  • 1 millimetre accuracy
  • Standard alkaline (C-type) batteries - 10 year lifetime
  • Low ongoing costs

Pressure Sensor

For robust environments like dams and creeks

  • Simply put the end-node in the water
  • 3.36 millimetre accuracy
  • Standard alkaline (C-type) batteries - 10 year lifetime
  • Comes with a distance holder to protect pressure probe from clogging
  • Low ongoing costs

See if your stock has access to water

Water monitoring built in the app

Receive alerts

Receive alerts when water runs above or below desired thresholds.


Observe water levels over time with readings every 15 minutes.

All in one view

See your water points on the map to check if your stock has access to water.

Common questions


Do I need a LoRa network for water monitoring?


Yes. To use mOOvement’s water monitoring devices you need a LoRa network, the same network we use for the mOOvement GPS ear tags.


Why are the ongoing costs so low?


The water monitoring devices use the same LoRa network as the GPS ear tags. By owning your own network there are costs involved for expensive 3G/4G plans.


Can I install the sensors myself?


Yes. Installing the water monitoring devices is really easy. They come with detailed instructions to install them within 10 minutes.

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Murray Davis

Biloela, Queensland

“I have been able to view cattle to make management decisions and have been able to identify an injured animal and get a vet out and save her and her calf.”

Greg Adams

Buffalo, Oklahoma

“I was coming up 8 to 10 head short every year, and at $1,200 to $1,400per head each, you’re out $10,000 a year. The investment in mOOvement pays for itself and will also help me increase the number of cattle I can handle by 50%”

Lindi Pott

Kingaroy, Queensland

"We have a much more secure and relaxed feeling with the stock in many ways, not just knowing where they are!"

Sean O'Brien

Cowell, South Australia

"Before mOOvement I used to travel at least three times per week to check on my cheep. Now I have more time to focus on other areas of my growing business and save $580/week"