cattle tracking

One stop solution

mOOvement is a one stop solution that provides you with the equipment you need to start tracking your cattle. GPS ear tags, a LoRa antenna to receive the GPS messages, and the software that enables monitoring and the analysis of the data that’s provided.

Find your cattle. Wherever they are.

GPS Ear Tags

Designed and tested for cattle producers, sturdy and light! The GPS ear tags combines solar and battery technology for lasting power.

Cattle GPS ear tag

The GPS ear tags use an universal design prong that works with Zeetag prongs and applicators. Using GPS technology, the mOOvement tag fixes onto its location so you don’t miss a thing!

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Simple setup to connect your whole property.

The network

mOOvement requires a LoRa network to be set up on your property, this allows the GPS ear tags and other sensors to communicate with the mOOvement platform.

The LoRa gateway(s) need to be positioned in strategic locations for maximum coverage. Only the antenna needs connection to the internet either through a homestead router, 3G/4G sim card or satellite internet. You won’t need coverage from a telco out in the paddock for mOOvement to work.

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An eye on every water tank and trough on your land

Water monitoring

Another benefit of using a LoRa network is the ability to integrate other devices such as water monitoring technology. It uses the same network and allows you to see if your stock have access to water without having to do the traditional ‘water run.’

We offer easy to install water monitoring devices that communicate with the mOOvement platform so that at the click of a button you can see what's going on with your water points.

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Get data that works for you

Farm management platform

The farm management platform with GPS cattle data is the core of our product. It turns raw data into meaningful and actionable insights and alerts. The mOOvement solution is available on iOS, Android and a web portal.

mOOvement farm management mobile App

Know where your cattle are, get notifications when they have jumped the fence or stopped moving, compare your bull's performance, get alerts when your water points are running above or below the desired thresholds, and record information on every animal.

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What does this mean for you?

Make important decisions based on real data to improve the yields of your operation.

Getting set up with Cattle Tracking and meaningful insights and alerts has become easy with our all in one solution. Have a constant eye and insights from your farm. Wherever you are.

Know the location of your bulls, pregnant cows, and other cattle

Get alerts when your animals escape a paddock or stop moving

Choose your best performing bull by monitoring their behaviour

Get a cleaner muster with the ‘muster mode’ feature

Use grazing patterns to redesign your paddock layout

Monitor water bodies without additional 3G/4G costs