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Bluetooth Ear Tag Beacon

  • Monitor your cattle remotely with mOOvement Bluetooth Ear tags. Identify and track cattle activity from your smartphone using mOOvement App.  
  • The beacon sends cattle information via mOOvement’s LoRaWAN network.
  • Cattle producers can tag using a standard male prong and applicator.
  • Identify if cattle are reporting at water points, feed, or any important location on the farm.
  • Cattle producers can keep a count and check on cattle every day, maintain individual cattle data, get cattle reports and receive alerts from the mOOvement App.
  • Spot early signs of decreasing cattle check-in activity around important farm locations like water sources, feed, etc.
  • Provide last reported date, time and receiver location to authorities to assist in lost/stolen cattle recovery.
  • Generate daily cattle count reports for peace of mind.
  • Take count of cattle in a yard after mustering to check for missing cattle. 
  • Maintain individual cattle data on mOOvement App and monitor their check-in activity.
  • Lightweight and reusable.
  • Tags have low power consumption and have a battery life of 4 years.
  • Reports every 10 seconds to mOOvement Bluetooth receiver(beacon).
  • Uses standard male prong and applicator to tag cattle.
  • Works on mOOvement LoRaWAN Network.

What the Bluetooth ear tag does

The Bluetooth Ear Tag sends your cattle's check-in activity to provide you with actionable insights and alerts.

These insights help you to run a better and more efficient beef enterprise.

  • Cattle check-in time at receiver(beacon) location.
  • Cattle daily count report at all beacon locations.
  • Daily Alerts of missed cattle check-ins.
  • Receive cattle visit update every 10 seconds when tag is within 50 meters radius of receiver (beacon).
  • Tags are reusable.

Take control of your farm and understand cattle activity.

Track cattle visits to water points and feed

The Bluetooth Ear tags track the time cattle come near a mOOvement receiver beacon and notify you via mOOvement App. Check if all your cattle are accessing water and feed every day remotely from your phone.

Get daily alerts and reports of cattle check-in activity.

Receive alerts

Get animal not visited near beacon in the past 24 hours alerts. Notifying you that there might be something wrong with the cattle.

Use Bluetooth functionality to keep a count of your cattle.

Remotely count your cattle

The Bluetooth functionality in mOOvement's cattle ear tags allow you to make sure all your cattle are checking in near a mOOvement beacon. Keep a count of your cattle and get peace of mind knowing they are getting water and feed everyday.

Bluetooth ear tag


Light weight design


Break resistant polycarbonate casing


Built-in battery that lasts for 4 years


Reusable with standard male prong design


Contains Bluetooth sensor

Common questions


How strong are the Bluetooth ear tags?


The Bluetooth ear tags have a robust design and have been tested under extreme conditions.


What's the price per tag?


Pricing information can be found on this page. Contact us for a custom quotation for complete cattle tracking package.


How many mOOvement antennas do I need?


Based on your property size and location we perform a free analysis and suggest how many antennas and where they can be placed for maximum coverage.


Do the Bluetooth ear tags use 3G/4G?


No, the Bluetooth ear tags send their data to a mOOvement receiver beacon. The receiver beacon communicates using LoRa to a mOOvement antenna. Only the antenna needs connection to the internet and this can also be the homestead.