Embracing GPS Technology for Sustainable Beef Production in Australia with mOOvement GPS Ear Tags

At mOOvement, we understand the unique challenges faced by Australian beef cattle producers in their pursuit of efficient and sustainable farming practices. To address these challenges, we've developed the mOOvement GPS ear tags, a significant technological advancement designed to offer comprehensive benefits for cattle management and environmental stewardship. 

Our goal is to support Australian farmers in enhancing productivity while maintaining ecological balance, in line with the dynamic Australian climate and terrain.

Optimised Grazing in the Australian Terrain

The use of mOOvement GPS ear tags enables tailored grazing management suitable for the varied Australian pastures. These lightweight, 30g tags, equipped with solar-powered batteries, provide hourly updates on cattle location. This data aids in ensuring cattle utilise pastures efficiently, supporting pasture regrowth and soil carbon storage.

Soil Health: A Cornerstone of Australian Agriculture

mOOvement GPS ear tags provide critical insights into cattle movement, helping identify areas susceptible to overgrazing. With a durable life of up to 5 years and reusable design, these tags are a long-term solution for maintaining soil health and its carbon sequestration potential. Especially with mOOvement Grazing patterns. Early identification of overgrazed areas through GPS data allows for timely interventions, such as reseeding or extended rest periods, thereby improving soil health and its carbon sequestration potential.

Mitigating Methane Emissions and Enhancing Farm Management

With the global focus on methane emissions, mOOvement tags offer a unique solution. They not only track cattle locations but also provide alerts for animals not moving or leaving designated areas. This data assists in adjusting cattle diets and grazing patterns to reduce methane emissions, showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship.

GPS tracking aids in identifying areas where cattle frequently ruminate, leading to higher methane production. All you have to do is check the location of your herd regularly on mOOvement App and then, upon physical inspection, you can quickly identify spots where your cattle frequently ruminate. Armed with this information, you can implement targeted strategies such as dietary adjustments or providing supplements to reduce methane emissions. While reducing methane does not directly sequester carbon, it supports carbon sequestration efforts by mitigating a major greenhouse gas contributor.

Your Questions Answered

We understand that adopting new technology comes with questions. Here are answers to some of the most common queries from fellow Australian beef cattle producers:

  • Effectiveness in Diverse Climates

Q: How effective are these ear tags in different Australian climates and terrains?

A: mOOvement GPS ear tags are designed to withstand Australia's varied climates, from the arid Outback to tropical regions. Their durability and solar-powered batteries ensure consistent performance in diverse environmental conditions.

  • Installation and Maintenance

Q: What does the installation process involve, and how are the ear tags maintained?

A: The ear tags are easy to install, using a standard male prong and applicator. Maintenance is minimal due to their robust design. If an issue arises, mOOvement is here to support you.

  • Network Reliability

Q: How reliable is the network coverage for these tags, especially in remote areas?

A: The LoRaWAN Network, which the tags operate on, is designed for long-range and low-power consumption, offering reliable connectivity even in remote and rural areas across Australia. Note that Network connectivity is required only where the LoRaWAN Antenna is placed. Usually set up on top of a hill where connectivity is available. Unlike mobile phones, the Antenna’s reception is much more capable and strong. The GPS tags do not need any 3g/4g coverage of any sort. It works in LoRaWAN.

  • Compatibility with Existing Systems

Q: Are the ear tags compatible with other farm management systems?

A: mOOvement tags and tracking system comes with mOOvement App (iOS and Android) as well as a desktop application. mOOvement GPS ear tags are designed to seamlessly work with mOOvement Applications giving better security and control over your data, This allows for a holistic approach to farm management.

  • Environmental Impact

Q: What is the environmental impact of using and disposing of these tags?

A: The tags are designed with environmental considerations in mind. Their long lifespan, solar-powered batteries, and reusability minimize environmental impact. mOOvement is committed to sustainable practices, including responsible disposal and recycling options for end-of-life tags.

Maximising Land Use Efficiency and Biodiversity Preservation

The mOOvement GPS technology allows for more effective cattle production and land conservation. This approach aligns with preserving our unique flora and fauna, ensuring a balance between cattle production and ecological health.

Cost-Effective Bundles for Australian Producers

mOOvement offers various bundles to suit different farm sizes and needs. The 100 tags bundle at AU$10,860 includes all essentials for a year, while the Solar Bundle at AU$12,820 adds a solar kit for enhanced energy efficiency. Both can be customized to your farm's specific requirements.

Homestead Bundle
Homestead Bundles
Solar Bundle
Solar Bundles

Adopting mOOvement GPS ear tags represents a forward-thinking choice for Australian beef cattle producers. These tags not only optimize our farming operations but also align with our commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible beef production. By embracing this advanced technology, we continue to uphold Australia's legacy as a leader in sustainable agriculture.

mOOvement's Role in Advancing Sustainable Beef Farming

It is important to recognize the substantial role mOOvement GPS ear tags, GPS ear tags can play in the journey towards sustainable beef farming. By providing detailed insights into cattle movement and behaviour, these tags enable producers to make informed decisions that contribute significantly to environmentally responsible practices. Efficient grazing management, and improved land use, are just a few of the ways in which mOOvement GPS ear tags aid in creating a more sustainable and carbon-efficient operation. Embracing this technology is a proactive step for Australian cattle producers who are committed to the principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship in their farming operations.