How a Red Meat Master producer saves $580/week using mOOvement

Sean O’Brien runs a sheep operation near Cowell, South Australia. Last December he tagged his Red Meat Master sheep at one of his properties with mOOvement GPS ear tags. Since then, Sean reported to have learned a great deal about his animal’s movements during the day and night.

These learnings are especially useful to identify the areas that are grazed the most and which areas are neglected. Also got insights on how many times a day and the approximate time his animals approach water points, allowing him to physically have a look at them while gathered around a water tank.

Before mOOvement, Sean used to travel at least three times per week to check on his sheep adding up to approximately 300 km/week. Nowadays, Sean only visits his property once a week or if he detects something unusual on our mOOvement app. Sean has now more time to focus on other areas of his growing business and saves $580/week.

Sean has another property where more dorpers will be using our gps ear tags and has also ordered a water sensor to increase his savings by avoiding unneccessary water runs.

Great to have you as part of the mOOvement family! Who’s next??!!