mOOvement and Kateri Carbon Announce Innovative Partnership for a Sustainable Ranching Future

October 9, 2023 - Today, mOOvement, as an industry leader in livestock GPS tracking solutions, and Kateri Carbon, a pioneer in regenerative ranching and natural capital management, proudly announce a collaborative partnership that promises to redefine sustainable ranching for the modern age.


This partnership merges mOOvement’s GPS ear tag technology with Kateri Carbon’s expertise in unlocking natural capital, setting the stage for a revolution in livestock and land management. With the shared vision of a better tomorrow for ranching, the two companies aim to help ranchers unlock their land's potential for generations to come.


Speaking about the partnership, Pieter Vogels, CEO of mOOvement, remarked,

"Our passion for innovation in the beef industry found the perfect match in Kateri Carbon's mission. Their dedication to regenerating our lands aligns seamlessly with our ambition to provide actionable insights throughout the global food supply chain."


Kateri Carbon, an end-to-end service provider for natural capital management including carbon credits empowers ranchers to rejuvenate their lands with data-driven metrics, superior technology, and invaluable guidance from agronomists and rangeland specialists.


“The natural capital markets provide a unique opportunity for great ranchers to be rewarded for their efforts to steward these lands. Livestock and hunting have long been the only mechanisms that ranchers could market the value of their lands, but carbon, biodiversity, and other new markets are emerging. We’re excited to help them capture this value.”  

says Ben Veres, co-founder & CEO of Kateri Carbon.


With the global urgency to adopt sustainable farming practices, this partnership sets the precedent for how technology and regenerative strategies can work hand in hand. As mOOvement has always believed, the potential in improving farm management lies in using the latest technologies with sustainability in mind. With Kateri Carbon's ethos of ranching for a better tomorrow, this collaboration offers a compelling blueprint for the future of sustainable ranching.

Ranch analytics with mOOvement's GPS ear tag technology as seen above, helps estimate the impact of livestock on soil.


Kateri believes that tracking livestock is fundamental to verifying practice change and quantifying the impact of livestock on soil. This tracking provides unique insights to ranchers, driving genuine impact beyond manual inputs. "We are excited to partner with mOOvement to bring their livestock tracking technology to our ranchers and continue advancing our mission of unlocking the potential of global grasslands for soil carbon sequestration," shared Veres.


Vogels echoes the sentiment, stating, "At mOOvement, we've always believed in the power of data to transform industries. By joining forces with Kateri Carbon, we're ensuring that ranchers have all they need to lead the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future."


Both companies invite ranchers, stakeholders, and the global community to join them in this exciting journey toward a sustainable ranching future. Together, mOOvement and Kateri Carbon are pioneering the path to a world where food is produced smartly, productively, and sustainably.


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