mOOvement Partners with NORODA GROUP bringing Latest Technology to South American Ag sector

mOOvement is excited to announce the launch of mOOvement in South America through our partnership with NORODA GROUP, who has been one of moovement's investors since its inception. The family-owned company has a long business trajectory, dedicated, amongst other things, to the production of organic meat and dryland farming in the North-West Region of Paraguay.

Through this partnership, we will bring the latest technology to farmers dedicated to the production of cattle and crops in Paraguay and neighbouring countries, including GPS ear tags, Bluetooth ear tags, water & silo level monitors, rain gauges and other smart farm sensors. These innovative products will help farmers track their cattle, check water and rainfall levels, and other parameters over long distances, improving their operation’s overall efficiency and sustainability.

We believe that this partnership with NORODA GROUP is a key step in our mission to bring the latest technology to producers worldwide. We are confident that our products will help to drive the growth and success of the Paraguayan Ag industry and contribute to the country's economic development.

"We are thrilled to be expanding our presence in South America and partnering with a company like NORODA GROUP that shares our commitment to sustainability and innovation," said Pieter Vogels, CEO of mOOvement. "This partnership will allow us to bring the best of our technology to producers in Paraguay in alliance with a traditional and trusted cattle farming family.”

Daniel Rieder, Vice President of NORODA GROUP and former Director of Sales for mOOvement for ANZ, will lead the expansion of mOOvement in South America. "We are excited to be working with mOOvement and introducing their cutting-edge technology into our own cattle operations while making these available to the sector to further its efforts for sustainability and efficiency. This shared philosophy made NORODA GROUP decide to invest in mOOvement.

NORODA GROUP vice president, Daniel Rieder, explaining some of mOOvement’s products main benefits on their property in the Chaco region of the country.

Mr Rieder expressed excitement about the partnership, “the benefits of mOOvement’s products go beyond the cattle sector, and NORODA GROUP will seek to strengthen relations between the agricultural sector and financial institutions by providing tangible guarantees when financing the purchase of cattle”. These products could also potentially be of interest to agricultural insurance companies and other sectors looking to reduce the footprint of carbon emissions.