Bull performance

Choose your best performing bull

Ever wondered if your bull is actually doing his duties? We have been analysing bull data from our tags and built an interactive bull portal so you can answer that exact question. At a glimpse, you will be able to determine if your bull is sitting under trees or socialising with the cows.

Compare your bulls.


See the distance walked over time compared to other bulls. Detect injuries and exhausted bulls. Receive notifications when they haven't mOOved for a while.

Interaction with the herd.


See where your bulls are and how they interact with the herd. At a glimpse you will be able to determine your bull is socialising with the cows or sitting under trees.

High temperature performance.

Heat stress

See the performance of your bulls related to the temperature. Determine whether they have heat stress and monitor their performance under high temperatures.

Take out the guess work

See how your bulls interact with the herd and improve your understanding of your breeding stock's performance.

  • See how your bulls interact with the herd
  • Compare the performance of your bulls
  • See the performance under high temperatures
  • See your bull performance over time
  • Back your bull statements with objective data

Common questions


How long do the GPS ear tags last?


The GPS ear tags are designed to last over five years and are reusable


What's the price per tag?


Pricing information can be found here. The costs for the GPS ear tags are upfront whereas the costs for package are ongoing.


Do the GPS ear tags use 3G/4G?


No, the GPS ear tags send their data using LoRa. Only the antenna needs connection to the internet.

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Murray Davis

Biloela, Queensland

“I have been able to view cattle to make management decisions and have been able to identify an injured animal and get a vet out and save her and her calf.”

Lindi Pott

Kingaroy, Queensland

"We have a much more secure and relaxed feeling with the stock in many ways, not just knowing where they are!"

Scott McClymont

Richmond, Queensland

"In our country, it’s difficult to get a clean muster. We are also next to a national park and lose cattle through the fences. If we get an alert we can go to the animals."

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