How Lindi Pott uses mOOvement to manage here daily operations more efficiently

Peace of mind

We speak with Lindi Pott, a cattle producer from Kingaroy (QLD) who has been a mOOvement customer from the very beginning. Lindi runs the farm on her own and breeds over 250 head of cattle. Asking Lindi how mOOvement helps her in managing the farm she answers: “The mOOvement GPS tracking ear tags are the best things since sliced bread. Basically, they remotely monitor our stock 24/7. So we get notifications if the stock has jumped the fence, stopped moving or lying down for a long period of time, or started modding up, you know running around, could be from wild dogs, or someone who is mustering who shouldn’t be.” Cattle theft is a serious issue in the region. But the GPS ear tags bring Lindi great peace of mind as she always knows where her stock is. There has been a lot of trouble over the years of stock going missing in rather large mobs or one, two, three at a time. “We are quite fed-up with that, we are only small, we were losing our income”. Since using mOOvement, problems with the so called “Moonlight Musterers” have been a lot lower.

More efficiency

“Mom doesn’t do half the driving she used to do'' says Lindi’s daughter which she can confirm. The tags have enabled her to check the cattle from her phone. “If the stock goes out of the paddock, I get an alert”. Lindi continues: “We can check the cattle at any time during the day or the night on our smartphone or tablet. I can easily see the stock numbers that are in the paddock and directly see how many stock are meant to be in there. On the app you can see the paddock which has a boundary fence on it. Then you will see the animals which are different colours, cows, calves, bulls etc. You can just tap the animal you have on your screen and bring all the information of that animal. It’s a great time saving tool basically”

Saving money

It’s not only the time you save on being able to check your cattle from your phone, it’s also the costs you save on fuel and losing cattle. “When it comes to having invested so many years of breeding up quality lines, you only have to lose that one animal that could be calving for 10-12 years and give you a calf each year. You have lost all that income, when you are small, you can’t afford to lose anything. The costs for mOOvement are not expensive for a big peace of mind, does it?”