Partnership Unveiled: mOOvement Teams Up with Nutrien Ag

December 2023 - mOOvement, a leading provider of cattle tracking and smart farm solutions, announced today their partnership with Nutrien Ag, the largest distributor of farming supplies in Australia. This partnership will allow both companies to pursue their shared goals of advancing sustainable cattle farming operations and a more data-driven approach to cattle production across Australia. Through this partnership, mOOvement's latest cattle tracking and smart farm products like GPS ear tags for cattle - will now be available in select Nutrien Ag stores, making Agtech more accessible to cattle producers.

The partnership will also focus on utilizing mOOvement IoT network and their intelligent Ag Tech software solutions for mobile and desktop to further educate cattle producers to move towards sustainable and efficient cattle farming.

"We are thrilled to partner with Nutrien Ag and bring our innovative solutions to a wider audience of cattle producers," said Pieter Vogels, CEO of mOOvement.
"Our goal is to help cattle producers improve their operations and make more informed decisions, and this partnership will allow us to do just that."
“This partnership will allow cattle producers to make better decisions regarding on-farm biosecurity and run a sustainable and efficient production of cattle” said Kim Deitman Managing Director of mOOvement.

"We are always looking for ways to help our customers improve their operations and move towards a more sustainable and data-driven framing," said David Murphy, National Procurement Manager – Animal Management for Nutrien Ag.

"mOOvement's cattle tracking and smart farm solutions are a great fit for our customers, and we are excited to offer these solutions in our stores.""At Nutrien Ag, we are always looking for ways to support our customers and improve the agricultural industry," said Jonathan Horrigan North East Region Category Manager of Nutrien Ag.

"Partnering with mOOvement allows us to offer cutting-edge technology and solutions to our customers, helping them make more informed decisions and achieve their goals."

Cattle producers will be able to take advantage of the new GPS ear tag and the smart Bluetooth ear tag to address on-farm biosecurity, receive timely alerts and reports on their smartphones to make their cattle operation more efficient and cost-effective. Cattle producers can now take a step in the right direction to advance their farms into smart farms of the future. In conclusion, the partnership between mOOvement and Nutrien Ag is a significant step towards achieving sustainable and efficient cattle farming operations. With the integration of mOOvement's advanced technology, the reach and feedback from Nutrien Ag can now provide its customers with innovative solutions that focus on real-time data and the use of IoT and intelligent Ag-Tech. Furthermore, the availability of mOOvement's products in Nutrien Stores will make Agtech more accessible for cattle producers. This partnership will undoubtedly benefit the cattle farming industry and pave the way for a brighter future.

About mOOvement

mOOvement is a leading provider of cattle tracking and smart farm solutions. The company's products help cattle producers improve their operations and make more informed decisions. MOOvement is committed to advancing the use of Agtech in the cattle industry and promoting sustainable cattle farming practices with the help of smart Ag-tech solutions. To find out more about mOOvement’s offering, visit their website:

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Nutrien Ag Solution’s parent company, Nutrien, is the world’s largest provider of crop nutrients, feed, crop protection and services. Nutrien plays a critical role in helping farmers across the planet increase food production in a sustainable manner.Nutrien services over half a million growers at 1,500 retail stores worldwide, playing a critical role in Feeding the Future. Nutrien focuses on innovation, which is essential for achieving long-term shared success with customers, investors and other stakeholders.To find out more about Nutrien’s offering, visit their website: