QLD Country Life: Moovement solar powered GPS ear tags launched

The story first appeared on Queensland Country Life

A Queensland company has launched a range of solar powered traceable ear tags.

Capable of monitoring position in real time, the company claims the tags will allow managers a new level of herd oversight.

Moovement co-founder Pieter Vogels said he was very excited to launch the product.

"For a long time we have been in stealth mode researching, analysing, building and improving Moovement, both tags and software." he said.

"It's exciting to get Moovement into the market and to make it a part of cattle operations all over the world."

Mr Vogels said using the tags had a number of benefits for producers, the most obvious being location monitoring across the farm, as well as health alerts, paddock grazing analysis and heat stress monitoring.

"Moovement is the only GPS ear tag in the market that is compact, light and easy to apply and remove. It's powered by integrated solar panels and it is reusable." he said.

"Our tags are affordable and this enables producers to tag their whole herd instead of only a few animals. Alternative products are bulky and so expensive producers are only tagging one or two animals.

Mr Vogels said Moovement was a one stop solution, with kits including all the equipment required to track the cattle, including GPS ear tags, an antenna to receive the GPS locations, and software to enable monitoring and analysis of the data.

The mOOvement system relies on a long range LoRa network to be set up, giving the farmer a ten kilometre radius of coverage from where the base antennae is installed.